About the Society

The Faroese Society of Visual Arts is a society existing of professional Faroese visual artists. The society was established 16 September 1981 in Listaskálin (The Faroe Islands Art Museum). The object of the society is to work for the Faroese visual artists’ interests and to protect their rights.

In addition to that the society works towards the fact that Faroese visual art acquires acceptable conditions to grow and exist in.

All visual artists who meet the requirements of the society have the right to become members.

There are roughly 40 members in the society representing nearly all areas of visual art.

The society has since it was established worked at improving the visual artists’ conditions.

The society has for instance together with LISA (Listafólkasamband Føroya) and others  worked for the fact that artists can apply for scholarships and enterprise allowance from Mentanargrunni Landsins, and money is set aside in the Budget, so that artists can apply for travelling scholarships and that  the presentation from the government will be given to artists every year.

The society has made a suggestion to the minister of cultural affairs  that there should be a law that 1,5% of the cost of public renovations and new buildings will be used for decorations.

The local authorities of Torshavn have recently started this.

The society frequently arranges lectures and seminars which are relevant to our members and other people interested in art.

Since 1990 the society has once a year  organized a "censored" spring exhibition.

The society takes part in LISA and Fjølrit and  is a member of NKF (Nordisk Kunstforbund) and in

BIN (Billedkunstnere i Norden).

In addition to that the society has one member in the management of Listasavn Føroya.

The society is an equivalent to other societies of visual artists in different Nordic countries.

For example

BKF (Billedkunstnernes Forbund) Denmark, some of our members are also members here

NBK (Norske Billedkunstnere) Norway

KRO (Konstnärernas Riksorganisation) Sveden

AAF (Artists' Association of Finland) og

MUU (Finnish Artists' Association) Finland

SÍM (Samband Íslenskra Myndlistarmanna) Iceland

SDS (Samiske Kunstneres Forbund) Sámaland.


Føroysk Myndlistafólk

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FO-110  Tórshavn

Faroe Islands