The society was founded 16 September 1981 at Listaskálin (The Faroe Islands Art Museum).

The regulations have been amended 13 August 1989 and 4 February 2004.

§1. Name

The name of the society is Føroysk Myndlistafólk (The Faroese Society of Visual Arts).

§2. The Object of the Society

The object of the society is to increase the co-operation among Faroese artists, to improve their circumstances and the circumstances of Faroese visual arts.

§3. Membership

(1) In order to become a member of the society 10 points are required according to the 10 points regulations.

Deadline for gathering the 10 points is 4 February 2009.

(2) Limited exceptions to the regulations in connection with membership conditions according to the 10 points scale.

The Faroese artists who merely work as artists and who have received knowledge from a school of higher education in connection with visual art, have similar education of visual art, have been adopted at censored exhibitions, decorations, have received artistic acclaim such as study tours, prizes, grants, purchases by funds and museums, have had exhibitions in approved galleries and have expressed personal distinctive features and steady artistic progress, have the right to become members until 1 January 2009.

(3) The admissions board: The annual general meeting selects a committee which takes care of the applications concerning membership.

3 members are to be elected in the admissions board and 2 deputy members representing different art forms.

Once a year one member of the committee is to be replaced by a new one.

The committee considers applications and CV-lists from all the members according to the 10 points scale.

§4. Subscription

The annual general meeting appoints the subscription. A member who has not paid his subscription for 2 years and does not react in spite of a written warning will be deleted as a member.

§5. General Meeting

(1) -The general meeting is the leading authority of the society. Members who are allowed to vote and persons that the executive committee has invited are allowed to participate in the annual general meeting.

(2) Programme: At the annual meeting the annual report and audited accounts will be presented. The annual meeting decides whether the annual report and the audited accounts should be adopted or not.  Proposals and subjects from the executive committee or from members will be discussed at the meeting and may be voted for.

A schedule for the near future will be discussed.

(3) Entitled to vote: Entitled to vote are members who have paid their subscription.

(4) Calling in etc: The annual meeting is in the autumn every year and the members will be called in    to the meeting  at least 3 weeks before by letter

At least 1 week before the annual meeting the committee has to receive proposals that are to be discussed at the meeting.

(5) Extraordinary general meeting: The committee or at least 5 members can require a specially convened extraordinary general meeting.

A written claim including signatures has to be forwarded to the committee including information about the subjects that are to be discussed.

The extraordinary annual meeting is to be called in to in the same way, as to an ordinary general meeting, but if the committee in particular cases assumes, that one subject is urgent, the committee can call in to an extraordinary general meeting 10 days before.

§6. The Committee

A committee with 3 members has the day-to-day running.

On each annual meeting only one member is to be replaced by a new one. This is to be by turns. The meeting decides how this is to be organized.

The members of the committee choose a leader, a secretary and an accountant.

Also the annual meeting chooses a deputy member for the committee and some persons for the  liaison committees that the society has representatives in.

From the annual meeting 2004 new members of the committee and members that represent the society in different committees shall have 10 points according to the 10 points scale-rules.

§7. The Spring Exhibition

(1) -The spring exhibition is a censored exhibition just like for example the Danish or the Norwegian autumn exhibition is.

The quality evaluation has to be at the highest artistic level.

(2) Censorship: In the censorship committee there are 3 members and 1 deputy member. These members are elected at the annual meeting. Every year one member will be replaced by a new one.

§8. Alterations to the Regulations

To alter the regulations it is required that at least two thirds of the present members vote for the purpose.

If more than one half of the members who are in the Faroe Islands are present at the meeting it is required that more than one half of them vote for.

§9. Rescission of the Society

The society can be abolished on a general meeting when distinct notice is given before, and more than one half of the members vote for the rescission.

If the society is being abolished, all its possessions will go to  an artistic purpose, accepted by the abating general meeting.